Kestrel Northwest Coast Carver's Kits

Save some money with a kit compared to buying our most frequently used tools on their own! With them you can carve relief work (formline design), bowls, masks, etc. Save over individually priced items. If you already own a tool or two from this set, you may substitute others. Adze sheath, rubber guards, slipstone, and assembly and/or use instructions included.

Ready to Carve Kit: Sitka Elbow Adze, the C bend, H-1 and E-bend crooked knives, Kestrel Baby Straight Utility Knife, and Spyderco teardrop ceramic stone. Five tools ready to carve and a sharpening stone.

  • With gutter adze $560

  • With straight adze $560

The Basic Kit: With this kit you only get the metal parts. The kit comes with C bend, H-1 and E-bend crooked knife blades, Kestrel Baby Straight Knife blade, adze iron and sharpening stone. No wood or leather parts are included.

  • With gutter iron $320

  • With straight iron $320

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I have had many encounters with bears in my life. They have always been greatly afraid and run away. This one emerged from the forest, looking at me with contempt and without the slightest fear. This bear mask was made for some native friends at Kyuqout BC. Alder, pigment, abalone inlays.