Welcome to Kestrel Tool

A NOrthwest coast Woodworking Tradition

We are having a busy year and currently running a lead time on orders of 6-8 weeks.

These tools are definitely worth the wait, but if you are last-minute gift shopping, a wonderful option is to purchase a Kestrel Tool Gift Certificate, which can be sent right away.

These come with matching card and craft-paper envelope, making a beautiful gift. Order for a dollar amount, or pre-purchase specific merchandise and we can mail you a gift certificate stating what you’ve ordered. This way your loved ones will have something special to unwrap… and either dollars to spend at our store, or tools to look forward to receiving in the near future!

We can mail directly to you, or to the recipient. And we’re glad to include a personalized message on the card upon request.

Kestrel Tool is a small artisan run tool shop on Lopez Island, Washington state.  For four decades we have  been making wood carving tools in small batches, by hand, supplying artists and craftspeople with some of the finest blades available.  Handcrafted from the best wood we can find and high carbon tool steel made here in the USA, our crooked knives and adzes are exceptionally functional and elegant at the same time.  They are made one at a time with integrity, care and love.

Welcome TO Kestrel Tool

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Wondering how long it will take for your order to arrive?


We’re very busy here at Kestrel Tool, cranking out your adzes and knives. Our current delivery time from the date of your order is 5-7 weeks. We’re a small, handcrafted tool business, and appreciate both your business and your patience. (We’re not Amazon.com and that’s why you love us, right?) Feel free to contact us during business hours Monday to Friday, if you have any further questions.  

EDUCATORS PLEASE NOTE that any large orders (5 or more of the same item) placed by educators and schools serving Native Youth are eligible for a 15% discount, so long as the order is placed at least two months in advance. We are grateful and honored to work with students, teachers, and community members of Native Communities all over the US and Canada, and want to make sure your students have the best possible tools available to practice their art.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding supplies for your class, and thank you for teaching.



These are the tools we use to work and make art with. We pay attention to they way they perform. They are true carver's tools because they are made by carvers.

  We are committed to making the highest, most consistent quality tools that we possibly can. As a business, our goal is to continue to build on more than thirty years of experience and to keep making the best carving tools possible, as well as more experimenting, innovating and having plain old fun with toolmaking.

Our tools are inspired by age-old designs from the Northwest Coast.

We strive for perfect geometry and heat treatment, and use the highest quality materials we can get our hands on.

Once you use one of our tools you will understand why we care so much.

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We're excited to keep making great tools, so you can create great art!  You inspire us.  We hope our tools inspire you.

Thank you for stopping by.


Customers' Testimonials

Here's some testimonials that have come in recently, and we just had to share:

Hello Gregg; I have been carving for years and using your tools for the last 20 years or so. Kestrel tools has become such an integral part of my carving experience, I pick them up every time I carve.
— Terry
I just wanted you to know, the package arrived today. I of course opened them immediately. The steels are beautiful, and oh so sharp, I even nicked myself just holding the crooked knife blade, (I couldn’t be more pleased at that, as too often “ready to use sharp tools” need a lot of work). Thank you so much for a perfect, and instantly useable edge... Now I need to get my chisels this sharp. I will be ordering more soon.
— Rich
Hi just a note to mention I received the knife, words cannot describe the quality that has been put into this tool, and yes it does shave, so far just wood, again I say thank you, I am sure you don’t need feedback... but in case a customer has questions, just ask me, as in all things in life, you get what you pay for.
— Patrick
I received your beautiful baby gutter adze yesterday and have just spent an hour with it, making more progress on a fresh green log than I would have in a whole day with any other tool. This phenomenon makes the difference between doing sculpture and NOT doing it at all. As you’ve said, its so well balanced and elegant to use that I haven’t even broke a sweat. It’s been an amazing, inspiring, perfect and transcendent morning! I am prepared to pass this tool down to my grandchildren as a gateway to art that feeds one’s soul.”

Thank you for sharing your experience and understanding with so many people. I promise there will be great sculpture coming from your adze in my appreciative hands for many years.”
— thank you, Mason

 Thanks for your comments and confidence!