Ordering & Miscellaneous Information

How to Order


Whether you're new to Kestrel Tool or an old friend of ours, you know there are multiple ways to purchase our tools. The most straight-forward way is placing an order on this website's store page, payable with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.  

 That being said, we do appreciate people who do not want to go that route, so feel free to order the old way, with check or money order, as noted below.  We save money if you don't use your card, so by all means download the order form and go about it the old fashioned way if you want to.

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Our products are individually handcrafted in small batches. This means that they are made to order and is reflected in our order fulfillment time. Currently our date of delivery is 5-7 weeks after the order is made. If you need your order fulfilled sooner please contact us directly. We will try to accommodate your needs as best we can.

If you simply MUST HAVE A  GIFT RIGHT NOW, please consider ordering a gift certificate, which can be mailed quite quickly by our lovely US postal service. Holiday 2018 ordering deadline for tools is October 15, in order to ensure delivery by Christmas. Gift certificates are not limited by this deadline, more information here.

You can email us at kestrelcharlie@gmail.com or call us at 1-360-468-2274 during business hours please (Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM PST)

We are small family-run business, so it may take us a day or two to respond to requests, and we appreciate your patience with that.  

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If you need a copy of your invoice please make a copy of your completed order form.

Fill out the form and e-mail to:


or snail mail to:

Kestrel Tool
402 Pavey Blvd.
Lopez Island, WA 98261


As always we accept checks, money orders and cash.  

The easiest and fastest way is to Check out our online store and pay with a credit card or debit card.

Canadian and international orders may want To email us regarding postage and credit card purchasing.  

There may be high rates on shipping and tax for intl. orders which we have no control over.  

Look into your local tax code to avoid surprises.

Washington State residents must pay their local sales tax on the entire amount including postage.



I usually ship via USPS mail; anything over 13oz. goes Priority Mail.  

Many Canadians order these tools. Canada Post can be slow and a little iffy. I will notify you when I send your tools. Check with your post office starting a week after your order is shipped. They will only hold your mail for two weeks and then send it back to us.  



Please remember – Kestrel is a custom tool business, hand producing tools to the highest standards. No matter how hard we work, we can produce only so much. For efficiency we manufacture in small batches as the tools are needed.  This typically means we make a given amount each week (orders are filled in the order received) and ship them all at once at the end of that week.  Although we strive to keep all our tools in stock, we are definitely not Amazon.com. Those items in this catalog marked "custom" can at times be out of stock, with a week to three months wait time. This policy lets our small company offer a much wider variety of items with some semblance of sanity maintained. You are invited to inquire about shipping time on any item. Please anticipate your needs: call us ahead when sending a large or rush order.

The items listed in this catalog are subject to price and specification changes without notice. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You may try these tools without risk. I will replace, repair or refund any item that fails to satisfy you.

We will consider trading for red cedar logs and boards, yellow Alaskan cedar, Turban snail opercula (please not from living snails), first quality abalone and Paua shell, shell buttons, trade wool, Russian trade beads, skulls, bones and teeth of some (legal) animals, tools, knives, weapons from primitive societies, old masks and art (not tourist pieces) from Africa, Asia etc.  Also some books and videos on Northwest coast and Eskimo-Inuit subjects.

Think of us when potlatching or gift giving.  These tools make classy gifts.  Gift certificates are available.

Mask carvers are always looking for hair for their masks. The movement of hair helps make a mask come alive. If you are looking for human hair you might put it out among your circle of friends. Eventually someone with long hair will decide to cut it and perhaps they will remember you. If you do get a chance to talk with the person first ask them to wash and comb out their hair and then put it into a loose braid. If you have no friends, or at least none with nice long hair, the next way to go is with a cheap wig from India. Go to BlackHairSpray.com and look in their close outs and bargains, Voila, human hair for reasonable money. Now it may be easier to just use the wig by attaching it to the mask. The wig will go over the dancer's head to help make the dancer and mask into one.

I have also made masks using horsehair. In that case go to hairwork.com/horse_hair_for_sale.htm. The woman there sells beautiful long clean bundled horse hair, in several colors to 43" length. At the longest length you may be able to double it over. To add hair to a mask I am now using heat shrink electrical tubing.

Divide your hair into as many bundles as you will be using. One inch or so apart may be good you'll be drilling holes marked with a divider, remember to allow for the part.


Keeping In Touch

We would like to minimize the amount of time we spend on the phone.  If you have a question or inquiry about your order please e-mail us, we'll respond promptly.  If you are good with computers you will be able to fill out the order blank online, then send it to me via email.  Then print a copy of your order to send in with your payment.  If you do this it will help me get your order to you faster.  Once I get the e-mail order I will be able to fit it into my production schedule.  If you are doing an online inquiry please let me know where you live for postage and Washington sales tax calculations.

If you wish to be on our email list you may get random news from Kestrel from time to time. You can get off whenever you like and no, I'll never trade your name to anyone. You are welcome to send me photographs of your art; if it is OK with you I may include your work in the periodic e-mailings or here in our website's Art Gallery.

We are located on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands. Access is by ferry from Anacortes, WA, or Sidney, BC, Canada. We operate this business out of our home and have no retail sales facility on Lopez Island. Although we welcome visitors, we hope they will honor our privacy—please call ahead.



We do not assume responsibility for the safe use of these tools. Items shown in this catalog and at our dealers' stores are sold with no liability to Kestrel Tool LLC or its employees. These tools are shipped extremely sharp and are capable of inflicting considerable mayhem upon the careless. Please use every caution when working with them. Read the instructions, watch the videos on our site.  Watch the runout of the tool.  Wear safety glasses.  A gauntlet glove worn on the hand holding the work will help protect your hand and fingers—you need them, take care of them.


Final Thoughts

On this coast much work is being done for actual use in an active ceremonial and ritual life.  The tools are also being used in making this beautiful mission style furniture in Santa Fe, in building fine wooden boats in Maine, in the manufacture of wonderful stringed instruments and in dozens of other equally vital ways.  These craftsmen and women are investing themselves in their work, showing respect for their materials and for the earth that created them.  I guess what I would like most to express is my thankfulness for the opportunity to supply tools to some of the finest, most aware artists of our time.  I hope to continue to deserve your confidence and trust by operating this business in an open and straightforward manner, by providing technically competent, geometrically correct tools and by investing my heart in my work as a blade maker as you do in your work as artists and sculptors.

Thanks for your wonderful support and comments.  I am grateful to be filling a real need for real people doing creative work.  Love your families and the mother earth.

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