Kestrel Video Page

Welcome to our Video Page!  We'll be adding more and more interesting videos over time, so stay tuned!  This is our new space for us to share with you.   

In 1990, Roy Underhill, of the Woodright's Shop, visited Gregg to learn more about the carving tools of the Northwest Coast.  We thought you might get a kick out of seeing this piece of Kestrel Tool history, from  back in the good 'ol days.  

 3/4 of the way through the video, you get directed to the PBS website that owns it.  Just click 'continue' and after a short ad you'll be able to finish watching the video.  


The Kestrel Tool Video

This is the video formerly available only through our store.  Now you can watch it here FREE!  Watch as Gregg carves a ladle with Kestrel adzes and crooked knives, showing you usage and technique.  A ladle is a great way to get started carving, and Gregg pretty much walks you through it here, step by step.  There is also some general info on Northwest coast art, Kestrel Tool history, and some show and tell of the tools we make (circa 1999).  Filmed in timeless VHS.  Enjoy!

Filmed at a recent carving class, Gregg gives a short talk on the subject of sharpening. The basic how's and why's of sharpening.

Gregg shows us how he uses a slip stone to sharpen his crooked knife and adze. This is important, especially with Kestrel tools, as keeping their original and correct geometry is critical.

The first of hopefully many how-to videos!  Gregg demonstrates how to safely and correctly put on and remove your adze sheath.  Simple, but you MUST do this right!  

In this video Gregg demonstrates how we fit an adze iron to its haft.  It's important to get a good fit for optimum performance of your adze.  

Check out this video to see how we attach an adze iron to its haft with a strong and simple seine twine wrap.

In this video we show you how to do the figure 8 wrap that we put on our lip adzes.  It's a stronger connection for heavier tools.