Tool Making Supplies


The Northwest Coast has a long tradition of tool making. Building your own saves money and is often the only way to obtain the exact tool required. All our raw steel is supplied with heat treating instructions.

Crooked Knife Blade Blanks


Full size blade blank

W1 tool steel, 3/32″ stock, annealed. Overall length 4 7/8″, shank width 11/16″, blade width 9/16″

  • Unground, $10. each
  • Ground but not bent, hardened or honed, $30. each
  • 3/16″ Copper Rivets, $5. per pair


3/4 Crooked knife blade blank

W1 tool steel, .072″ stock, annealed. Overall length 4″, shank width 1/2″, blade width 7/16″

  • Unground, $9. each
  • Ground but not bent, hardened or honed, $28. each
  • 11/64″ Copper Rivets, $5. per pair


Adze Iron Blanks


All our adze irons are AISI 1095 carbon tool steel, cold rolled and annealed. All come with heat treat instructions.

Sitka Adze blanks

Blank for gutter or straight Sitka adze. 3/16″ stock. 6" x 1 1/8″ shank width. 7oz.

  • $25. each


Baby Adze blanks

Blank for gutter or straight Baby Adze. 3/16″ stock. 5 1/8″ x 15/16" shank width.

  • $20. each


Lip adze iron blanks

These are laser cut from 5/32″ thick tool steel. Buying one of these blanks will save you a lot of work. For 2 1/2″ and 3″ lip irons: 3 1/2″ wide x 5 3/4″ long, 5 3/4 oz.

  • $35. each


Seine Twine

This tarred nylon twine is traditional for wrapping adzes and knives and useful for many other things as well. Strong indeed. Sold as a convenience for toolmakers who don't have access to a fisheries supply store. 1 lb spool, three sizes.

#9 Thin line for knives, 2050 feet per spool,  $20.

#18 Elbow adzes, 1065 feet per spool,  $18.

#21 Thickest, D-adze, 825 feet per spool,  $18.


Bent Corner Box Making


Gregg Blomberg  (5)_1.jpg

The making of chests and boxes has gained in popularity among Northwest coast artists.  The Kwakiutl via Mungo Martin and others never really stopped box making.  There are a few real masters.  New kerfs and approaches to box making have been explored in the last few years.  It's a deal of fun for amateurs like myself.  In this photo are many of the tools used in box making.  Sitka straight elbow adze and texture adze, crooked knives in C, H-1, and #3 bends, detail knife and a small block plane.  Refer to the 'literature' page for information on bent corner box making and a sheet on how to make the dome-top chest shown.

Box by Tim Runyan.  Gorgeous.   

Box by Tim Runyan.  Gorgeous.