Seine Twine

This tarred nylon twine is traditional for wrapping adzes and knives and useful for many other things as well. Strong indeed. Sold as a convenience for toolmakers who don't have access to a fisheries supply store. 1 lb spool, three sizes.

#9 Thin line for knives, 2050 feet per spool  $16.00

#18 Elbow adzes, 1065 feet per spool  $14.00

#21 Thickest—D-adze, elbow adze, 825 feet per spool  $14.00

R. Murphy Company Hand Carving Knife

A Kestrel detailing knife this is not, but this tool fits the bill for a small inexpensive carving knife. Although not made by Kestrel, these tools have good heat treat. 1 3/8″ straight edge with a slim and controllable haft. Shipped sharp.

  • #K-21 Murphy knife  $16.00

Same tool with a Kestrel regrind to a drop point plus a high polish razor edge. A practical tool for every carver.

  • #K-22 Murphy knife, reground  $22.00



Bent-Corner Box Making


Gregg Blomberg  (5)_1.jpg

The making of chests and boxes has gained in popularity among Northwest coast artists. The Kwakiutl via Mungo Martin and others never really stopped box making. There are a few real masters. New kerfs and approaches to box making have been explored in the last few years. It's a deal of fun for amateurs like myself. In this photo are many of the tools used in box making. Sitka straight elbow adze and texture adze, crooked knives in C, H-1, and #3 bends, detail knife and a small block plane. Refer to the literature section for information on bent corner box making and a sheet on how to make the dome-top chest shown.

Box by Tim Runyan.  Gorgeous.

Box by Tim Runyan.  Gorgeous.