Kestrel Tool — The DVD

THE  (former) DVD CAN NOW BE FOUND ON OUR VIDEO PAGE.  To save on costs and because it's just the way of the world, we've put the video on YouTube and on our video page so that you don't have buy the DVD.  Now anyone can watch it for free!  It serves as a good introduction to the tools and techniques of the Northwest Coast carver. This is the place to see the adze and crooked knife used in the carving of a ladle. The first segment ends with a video catalog. The second part has a sharpening demonstration and sequences on assembling and adze and crooked knife. I highly recommend this DVD to woodworkers who have not seen these tools in action and to those trying to decide which tools to buy. 105 minutes of pertinent information. 

Kestrel Literature


It has been part of the fun here to create literature that helps our customers get the best out of our tools and that fills in some of the information gaps in Northwest Coast subjects.  We hope to add more literature bits and videos as time goes on.

Literature Package

One of each of the printed literature. Such a deal!  


D-adze page for adds and ends.Crop Last .jpg

Adze and Ends

12-page booklet that covers making a working elbow adze from Kestrel components, with a discussion of the geometry that makes a well tuned adze such a fun and effective tool.  There are notes on safety and use, making a haft from a natural tree crook and mounting the iron.  There is a discussion about the texturing or finishing adze and the D-adze.  Twenty nine photographs are accompanied by a bunch of drawings including full size haft templates.  Free with your adze or adze iron order or available separately.


Bent-Corner Box Making &Making a Dome Top Bent-Corner Chest

Among the wonders of the Northwest Coast original peoples wood working were bent-corner boxes and chests.  This work includes information on knife cut corners, bulging sided box layout, steaming the kerfs and more.  The Dome Top sheet is the little chest from the Fine Woodworking article #96, October 1992, with more complete instructions.  Two double sided pages, 11″ x 17″  


Care & Use of the Kestrel Crooked Knife

12-page booklet showing the hows and whys of the cooked knife.  Use, hafting, sharpening and cautionary notes are included.  There are haft templates, ideas for alternative hafts, and beginning projects.  Seventeen photos and a bunch of drawings.  If you already have a copy when purchasing a knife please let me know so I don't send you duplicate info!  Free with purchase of crooked knives and blades or available separately.  


Carving & Curing Green Wood & Cruddy Work, or How to Apply a Patina to Your Carving

Two related subjects are combined in this 8 page booklet.  Northwest Coast carvers like to work in green wood as it is easier to carve, and once you know the tricks curing your work is pretty simple.  The second part of this work is about finishing your carving.  Many carvers paint most, if not all, of the surface of their carvings.  Some are interested in applying a patina.  Often this information is pretty closely guarded.  This section of this publication is about an exploration of ideas about applying patinas.  Like all of these publications it will change as more is learned.  Thirteen photos.  


Heat Treating Instructions for Kestrel Tool Steel & Making Micro Carving Tools

These sheets are free with the purchase of raw steel.  The best instructions for carbon tool steels and O-1 tool steel I know of.  Follow the instructions closely for the best results.  The Micro Tools page has info on some useful and simple tools you can make yourself.  


Kestrel Straight Knife Assembly

When you order a straight knife blade this sheet comes with it.  Shows how to assemble our three straight knives with templates and wrapping instructions.  


Photographing Northwest Coast Art

All serious artists should document their work photographically.  It gives the artist a portfolio to show gallery owners and the photos serve as a visual reference to your artistic production.  Four pages, by Gregg Blomberg.


Three Classic Canoe Form Bowls

These bowls are pretty good projects for beginners, but are a lot more subtle than you realize till you make one.  Three template drawings on 11″ x 17″ sheets.  



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