Gregg's Rant 2013

by charles prince


Gregg's Rant 2013 – read at your peril

Hey folks I don't know about you but I am pretty tired of constant war. What is it now twelve years or so ? Are we better off? is the Moslem world better off? Seems to me it keeps getting worse instead of better. Watched a video of a young man and a young woman in a dark room sitting in front of consoles with large screens following a truck down a road in Pakistan, eventually they targeted the truck and all hell came out of the sky to obliterate the truck and its occupants. Then they left the room for a coffee break.

We make enemies way faster than we can kill them. When someone with actual morals comes by and exposes us for the war crimes we perpetrate we arrest them lock them up and they may never again be free. I've really had it for “Mr. Hope,” Obama. I am up to here with Americans living in fear and as a result supporting the Patriot Act. Real patriots right now would stand up to an immoral government. Who gains by all of this? Well the big money of course, our wonderful free market system where the corporations bribe the congress to gain their support and a line to our money and then sell us every new death ray gizmo they can dream up. We blow up people with the toys they make so we have to buy more of them. What a gravy train for the merchants of death.

I think our country is headed towards Fascism. According to Wikipedia, Fascism is defined as "Hostile to liberal democracy, socialism, and communism, fascist movements share certain common features, including the veneration of the state, a devotion to a strong leader, and an emphasis on ultra nationalism and militarism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation"

Here are some more characteristics as defined by Dr. Lawrence Britt in “Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism”:

7. Obsession with National Security - Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses

9. Corporate Power is Protected - The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite

12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment - Under fascist regimes...The people are often willing to overlook police abuses and even forego civil liberties in the name of patriotism.

OK so where do You think our country is headed? Is this what you imagined or wanted for the USA? We are in deep doo doo folks. Osama Bin Laden's plan has cost us the moral high ground, has cost us thousands upon thousands of American lives, and has cost us trillions of dollars. Who could imagine such a simple plan would so un-hinge us? In my mind exposing our government's illegal activities is an act of patriotism, Snowden and Manning should go free and the USA should clean up its act.

I believe If we were to set an example for the world of a truly moral society who cares for its citizens and our Earth Mother, If we valued love, fun and life over consumer products the accumulation of stuff and killing folks, other societies would be more likely to honor and emulate us than want to murder us. I don't see how we can ever kill our way to safety or into being loved.

Our wonderful corporate world has us hooked on vampire movies, caffeinated pop and Round-Up coated corn chips; I guess in the end we will get what we deserve. What a shame to miss the feast of fun and plenty that modern society really could be.

OK now I apologize for laying that on you. My answer to all of that is to attempt to make good choices, try to consume less, work less, choose a life affirming life style. Learn a foreign language, make art and music. Share your love, care for your children. Be generous and kind to those whose life has been hard. Honor and respect your families and friends and be an advocate for peace.

I am a very imperfect person, but, I do strive to be human. I know many of you personally, I am proud to have you all for friends.